Saturday, 2 April 2011

Posh Frock Friday... err, Saturday

Life's hard enough without having to actually post a posh frock on a Friday. Well, actually I was still sewing it until 12.22 if the truth be known.

With a 95% vintage wardrobe, it's not often that I customise clothing, save for a change of buttons from my huge collection. I do spend an awful lot of time repairing things – goes with the territory – but this one really was beyond all hope.

A once-lovely vintage 1950s sapphire-blue satin halterneck dress which had been well and truly trashed, I was able to salvage the large sequin-embroidered pockets and drum up a bit of luxe sportswear (quite frankly, the closest I am ever going to get to trackkie bottoms) by adding them to this grey trapeze-shaped sweatshirt dress from Cos.

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